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At Rival, we’re proud of our track record in combining top-notch engineering with superior construction work. Our projects range from solid steel structures to efficient, all-in-one design-build solutions, all marked by our dedication to quality and safety. Take a look at our work to see how we tackle big challenges and build strong relationships, pushing forward the world of industrial construction and design.


GRR! 90 Day Containment Pad - Concrete Construction

Nova Molecular - Vacn Support Platform - Structural And Misc Steel Supply/Coordination

City Of Sumter - Rast Street Greenway Connector - Multi-Discipline Engineering Design

DSI Metals Office Addition - Structural Design

Rail Loading Platform Structure - Steel Detailing And Steel Connection Design Services

Kingstree Savings And Loan - Structural Design

Ft. Gordon Range Shelter - Pre-Engineered Metal Building Supply And Erection

133 E. Main Street Historic Building - Stability Analysis, Demolition, Construction Services

Lake Marion Picnic Shelter - Structural Design

101 N. Main Street Facade Design - Structural Design

Lee Correctional It Upgrades - Installation, Construction Services

Camden Candlewood Hotel Structural Design - Structural Design

Ice Recycling Tank - Foundation Design

Morris College Health Center - Structural Design

Jet Vac Warehouse - Structural Design

Oakland Avenue Presbyterian Church - Structural Design

Lot 3 Legacy Court - Custom Home Design

Dayfield Park - Light Gauge Design

Treetide Office Building - Light Gauge Design

South Pier At Tempe Town Lake Towers - Delegated Steel Stair Design


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